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About Club Hotels Chain

Club Hotel chain is a unique hotel keeping chain, promoting new recreation culture in Israel.

The Basic principle leading the chain activity is giving each guest its special vacation atmosphere he desires, vigorous and active during day and night on one hand, as well as peaceful, indulging high quality stay at an intimate atmosphere, all at the same hotel.

The chain has two hotels in Eilat, one hotel in Tiberias and one in Lutraki, Greece. All the chain hotels in Israel are suites hotels; most suites have one bedroom and a spacious living room (there are also several three rooms' presidential suites or smaller studio rooms, according to special demands). This makes the Club Hotel chain the most ideal vacation solution for family vacation, when parents and their children can enjoy separately, at any time, without disrupting each other's vacation plans.

An important positive aspect, unique to the entire Club Hotel Chain is the kitchenette accessorized with a fridge, microwave and cutlery. This allows the guests the flexibility of deciding whether to cook for them selves or to enjoy the excellent food and beverage services of the hotels' restaurants. Also providing the option of enjoying an intimate dinner for two, or a family dinner, with your slippers in the suite. A special attention is given to infancy ages, as each hotel has a kids club where your children be occupied with various activities and games during your vacation. One of the peaks of a Club Hotel vacation is the entertainment program and activities to all ages all year round.

The Club Hotel Band is known as a leading band producing attractive, magnificent musicals raised every year directed by the leading directors in Israel. All the Club Hotel Band shows are offered for free for the hotel guests, with love.

Health is also important, so why not use your vacation for muscle stretching as well?
The Club Hotel Chain provides quintessential spa clubs in Tiberias and Eilat, accompanied by professional charming trainers (males and females), who will be glad to stretch your body with gymnastics or indulge you with an enjoyable exotic massage.

So what is it you are looking for in your vacation? – fun? relaxation? family integration? sports? entertainment? Club Hotel will provide it all under one roof for you.