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Terms and conditions

1. General
1.      The website is the official web site of “Club Hotel” Chain of Hotels (henceforth: “The website”), which is in the sole ownership of “Club Hotel” Management Company (1996) Ltd. (henceforth; “The company”). The website provides, among other, information regarding the hotels under the company’s management, regarding services given by the hotels, the hotel rates etc. in addition, and as much as possible by the company de facto, it will become possible to book vacation packages / accommodation and different services in relation to the company’s hotels, all as detailed on the website.
2.      Booking vacation packages / accommodation (henceforth: “The services”), through the website will be made only as detailed below. It is to be clarified that accommodation booking through this website is considered for all purposes as regular hotel reservation with all its implications.
3.      The company is entitled, under its own decision and without previous notification, to occasionally change this statute, the terms of use on the website, the website structure, its content, appearance including the scope and availability of services offered on it, and any other aspect involved in the website, its operation and services. The validity of the above changes will start at the moment they are published on the website, unless determined otherwise by the company.
4.      The room’s availability of the hotel is limited and booking through the website is based on free rooms only.
5.      The company is entitled to change the published rates at the website at any time and without further notice and the client (will be defined henceforth) is giving up any claim and/or lawsuit against the company and/or any of the company’s delegates in that matter.
6.      No double deals are available.
7.      The hotel stay will begin at the first day detailed on the booking reservation, check in from 16:00 P.M  (Saturday and holiday from 18:00) check out at 10:00 A.M on departure day (Saturday and holiday at 14:00).
A late check-out is surcharge and is subject to prior authorization.
8.      Everyone over the age of 18 is allow to book and accommodate at the hotel. Guests under the age of 18 can stay at the hotel only accompanied by at least one of their parents during their whole stay.
9.      A baby is considered to be under the age of 2 years old and a child is considered between the ages of 2 to 12 years old.
10.   In order to link or display the website on other website on the internet, the company has to give its written authorization in advance.
11.   It is hereby clarified that all services booked through the website are subdued to the terms of this statute and without derogating the mentioned in this statute, is subdued to all terms detailed on the reservation vouchers issued by the company for each booking.
12.   Parts of the website content as well as this statute are phrased in male tongue for convenience reasons and for those reasons alone, yet the information is designated for both males and females.
2. Terms of use and booking through the website
1.      All who is using the website and/or booking and/or interested in booking services through the website and whoever is making any other use on the website (henceforth: “The client”), hereby declares and obligate he is aware of the mentioned in this statute, that he have read it, fully understands it and agrees to all its instructions without exceptions and that he or any delegate of him will have no claim and/or lawsuit and/or demand directly and/or indirectly, against the company and/or the website and/or its operators and/or its owners and/or its managers and/or its employees and/or any of its delegates, regarding service booking through the website.
2.      The client is entitled to make use of the website only for services acquiring and reservation booking and/or information gathering alone.
3.      Reservation booking through the website can be made only by a lawfully valid credit card, respected by the company on any other regular business day relevant to the service booking time.
4.      The company is not and will not be responsible in any way and/or anyhow on the content, its essence, its character and truthfulness of the information published on the website on behalf of the company at any time, in all matters of the information given and/or transferred on any way by some third party and/or information that was distorted and/or skewed by some third party, whether made innocently or not.
5.      All photos on the website are for illustration purposes and the company does not oblige that the suites and/or rooms and /or facilities displayed on the photos will be active and/or proper at any time and that services that will be booked will be given to the client in rooms and/or suites of the kind and shape as detailed in the these photos.
6.      If and as much as possible to find on the website at any time links (henceforth: “The links) to other website on the internet, those links are for the clients’ convenience alone. The company is not liable nor will be liable in any way to the links and/or the websites linked and/or the information appears on them, to its validity, truthfulness, its character and essence. Any use and/or enter to the links and the linked websites are on the sole responsibility of the client.
3. Liability
1.      The company and/or the website operators and/or its owners and/or its managers and/or its employees and/or any of its delegates, will not be held responsible to any damage, financial and/or any other damage, and/or lose and/or expense of any kind and/or inconvenience and/or aggravation that could be caused to the client’s body and/or possession, including and without excluding the client’s equipment and/or the server, on which the website is located upon, and including the fact that the server is supposed to be cleaned of viruses and/or any other components which can damage the private computer of the client while using the website and/or booking services through the website and/or at any other use of the website, and the client or any delegate of him will have no claim and/or lawsuit and/or demand directly and/or indirectly, against the company and/or the website and/or its operators and/or its owners and/or its managers and/or its employees and/or any of its delegates in relation to the above mentioned damages. 
2.      The company is not responsible to any damage of any kind that can be caused as result of using the website and/or trying to use the website, including the purpose of reservation booking a services acquiring and/or information request and the client will have no claim and/or lawsuit and/or demand towards the company in regard to the stated above and also if any of the following cases:

* Lateness and/or delay due to lines over load
* Distortion and/or omission and/or inaccuracy as a result of disruption and/or malfunction of a communication media, hardware, software the client’s or the company’s computer system, or any other reason.
* Exposure and/or disclosure of any of the client’s and/or related to the client’s personal information, including and without excluding the identity details of the client as a result of using the website. 
3.      The company is not responsible to any illegal action that might take place, by whom of the clients on the website and/or by any other factor.
4.      The company has the right to prevent or to stop, with no notice given and with no given argument, the access of each client on the website, partially and/or wholly, and the client will make no claim and/or demand against the company in that matter.
5.      The client hereby declares to be aware that using the website is bound to many risks since the website is located on the internet web. The risks are caused and may be derived both of scientific technological factors and of human factors.
6.      All information displayed on the website is as is, and the company is not responsible in any way to adjusting the information to the requirements of the client and also to the ability or inability of the client in making use with the information stated above.
7.      Any dispute or conflict in relation to this statute and/or the website and/or its usage and/or the services, if and as much as arises, will be clarified according to the laws of the state of Israel alone and only at the certified Court of Law in the city of Tel Aviv – Jaffa.
4. Client’s profile
1.      Each client requesting to acquire services through the website will be asked to fill certain details as part of the website policy (henceforth: “the client’s profile”).
2.      The company is not liable, directly and/or indirectly, to any case in which the guest profile, fully and/or partially, were not registered in the company of any reason possible and/or to any possible technical problem preventing from the client the acquiring of services through the website.
3.      The company and/or the website operators and/or its owners and/or its managers and/or its employees and/or any of its delegates, will not be held responsible to any mistake made by the client in entering the clients’ details, whether done innocently or not, including but not only, a mistake in choosing the vacation package, the date, number of beds, name of hotel, room and/or suite category and any other service booked by the client through the website. The client will make no claim and/or demand against the company and/or its delegates, and/or towards the website and/or its managers and/or operators and/or its delegates in that matter.
4.      It is hereby clarified that entering false client's profile on purpose and/or deliberately is against the law and the company will have the right to take any measures according to the law against that client.
5.      The client hereby allows the company to make use of his profile as part of the company's database and for product advertising among the rest, whether by addressing directly to the client, or by e-mail or any other way. The client's profile will be removed from the company's database should the client wishes and notifies the company in an official manner.
6.      The company will prevent, as much as it can, the disclosure of the client's profile to a third party, unless it will be obliged to by law or should stand in front of a threat and/or a hay and/or danger to be charged by law, criminal or civilian, and all because of actions done on the website by the client.
5. Reservation Booking
1.      A client wishes to book a vacation on the website does this by clicking "Book now" (left button on the home page), chooses the requested hotel and enters the requested details, clicking the button of "calculate price". Page 1 – enter personal information and clicking "book" (the client can return to the previous page at any time). Page 2 – price details and personal information, to continue click "continue to payment". Page 3 – entering credit card details, to continue with confirmation click "send reservation". Page 4 – at this point the client receives the confirmation of his reservation / booking request (sent by e-mail). At this point it is possible to print the reservation / booking request. The Company may modify and / or update your order / request and / or canceled for any reason and at any time during the 48 hours after receiving your order / request.
2.      Telephone number for further information: +972.8.6361727, e-mail support:
3.      The site is designated for individual reservations and not for group reservations of more than 2 rooms to the same hotel on the same reservation dates.
4.      The company reserves the right to not confirm a booking request out of any reason possible, under its own discretion and without supplying an explanation, and furthermore the company reserves the right to change the confirmation terms for services booking from time to time.
6. Cancellation or Reservation Modification
1. Guest who made reservation on line and wish to cancel his reservation, may do it online by entering his reservation file with his email and password provided. After cancelling the reservation, a cancellation confirmation will be sent by email. Request for cancellation can be received via email, fax: 03-6127443, Tel: 8771*  or  08-6361727, mail or at the hotels. All subject to cancellation conditions and subject to full identifying details of the reservation: hotel name, name of the client, date of accommodation and number of confirmation of order.
2. Cancellation policy:
All year:  Reservation cancelled more than 7 working days preceding to check in with no cancellation fee.
Cancellation made less than 7 days preceding to check in, will be charged with 50% of reservation total amount. A prepayment of 50% wil be charged in 7  days preceding the check-in. The balance of the payment will be charged up to 24 hours of the check-in.
3. Reservation Modification: 
Any change in the booking (guest names, room composition, room type, accommodation base, date, etc.) - the existing booking must be cancelled and a new booking made.
The company is not responsible for any price changes made during this time.  
4. Except Nonrefundable rate or special other condition that should be describe in the promotion specifically.
7. Ownership and Copyright
1.      The copyright of the website and any other module concerning the website is the sole property of the company.
2.      There is no copying, distributing, publishing, sell, duplicate, broadcast, photocopy or changing the information or any part of it displayed on the website, without a written consent in advance of the company, except from information downloading for personal use of the client for the purpose of a reservation booking. This instruction whether the information is owned by the company entirely or partially or whether owned by a third party. Without diminishing the stated above, there is no copying in any way the software installed on the website to another computer and/or try to hack into it and/or decode and/or interfere in the software or its content and/or its data and/or its base and/or its information and/or what is displayed by it in any way.
3.      The trademarks and/or ant other sign and/or photo and/or writing, including the Logo, displayed on the website (henceforth: "The trademarks) are protected by law as the company's copyright. There is no making use of these trademarks to any purpose what so ever, without an advance written consent of the company. 
4.      The company reserves all rights on the website, totally and exclusively and reserves its right to close the website and/or change it at any time, under its sole discretion and without an advance notice and/or any notice.
5.      The use of the website is for services acquiring and for that purpose only. There is no and will not be possible to use of the website and/or with the information displayed on it to any other purpose, whether commercial or not.
8. Others

The club hotel chain can sometimes change the website visual and content, terms and conditions, provided services and any other aspect related to the website content or operation, without further notice.